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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequent questions we get asked on the regular with some insightful answers.
If you're question isn't covered here please let us know!


How much does an average session booking cost?

A session booking costs $150 which covers:

  • The preliminary consult (30 mins)

  • The photo session (1 hour)

  • The reveal meet-up (1 hour)

This amount is 50% refundable in the case that the session needs to be cancelled.


How much does printing cost?

Printing costs will vary depending on the size of print and the framing materials used. Our printing and framing vendors are some of the best in the business so you can count on final products of the highest quality. The average customer spends in the ballpark of $300-500 dollars on prints which when purchased come with a digital version perfect for sharing online.


Can I get high resolution digital copies to print on my own?

The high resolution prints and digitals are included together in our service because we feel passionate about providing you fabulous family heirlooms that will stand the test of time. Even though we would love to see you go home with a beautiful printed collection, if you don't want that part of our service, we can offer you a discounted rate. However, we really want to stress that the value that you're purchasing in the service we provide are the images themselves rather than the paper they're printed on or the frames that frame them. So we don't provide you with high resolution images to print at your leisure - instead we would use our premium printers to provide you high resolution prints.


Do you work with other animals (besides dogs) and their owners?

Though it may be fairly canine-centric around here - we do work with all sort of animals, our clientele has been primarily dog owners for the past 6 years.


My dog is not able to go offleash/visit offleash parks, do you have other options for locations?

Yes! We could easily visit a space that your pup is familiar with and if a leash is necessary - we'll work with it! Quite often we'll travel with our long lead which gives us some extra distance between you and the dog, then we can just remove it in post-production. 


Do you do family style portraits with people and dogs?

Yes! We usually feature portions of our time with our clients getting family shots in. Reason we don't feature them on our website and/or social media is because of the requirement of release forms especially with children under the age of 18. If we do really love a shot of you and your pet we will either ask for permission to share it, or crop out faces.


Where do you like to shoot?

Our favourite sessions are at various offleash parks in and around Edmonton. Our top three are:

Deermound Offleash Park


Terwillager Offleah Park


Buena Vista Offleash Park


What if there is precipitation during our booking?

For most of the year, if there is rain in the forecast we'll re-book our session with you. If it's cloudy or windy we will most likely move forward however if there are electrical storm warnings or extreme summer weather we will re-book. In the winter months, we will shoot in weather down to -15 degrees, but not colder and we will not shoot in blizzard conditions or if there has been or calls for freezing rain.


What should I bring to the session?

We encourage our clients to bring toys or their favourite treats (we supply treats from Mutt Munch to all our puppy sessions) if they are treat motivated. We will need the animals to stay still at times, other times they could be active playing. We like to get a mix of stationary and active portraits so if they love fetch, bring their ball, if they catch frisbees, bring one along! We will often have poop bags on us, just out of habit, but if we forget it's always a good idea to have them handy. Make sure you dress for the weather too! Boots are a must in the winter as we'll most likely veer off the beaten path for some fresh pow!

Whew! With that out of the way, click here to book your session with us! Or if you have other questions that have gone unanswered, please drop us a line! Or if you want to know more about our process and approach to pet photography, take a look at our service page!